Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mental Heath : Denis Postle And Anxieties Over State Regulation Of Psychological Therapies

Denis Postle is practitioner of therapy in the UK . We at UserWatch think he is saying some important things about State Control and regulation of mental health "talking" therapies..

From a Service User's View this is a difficult one because User's report crap therapy experiences in both State and private domains and a complaint process for either domain would seem to logical but as Denis intimates its also a possible lever for wider State control ... And god help any Users that even try to use State complaints processes, they are violating in themselves from all the Users we hear from

What do we see underlying Denis's Video and anxieties ... We see an authentic guy here, but we can add this : The Patient is not the choice- driver of mental health recovery or management of talking therapies in the UK and so great is the impoverishment of that autonomy and form of state enablement which might have been based on some equality of power and trust, that there is not enough culture of User-experience to depend upon as a brake against the State from taking over this "internal" province.. The State have moved in with monopolistic supply side economics ..

The State experiment therefore has been unleashed and the CBT push is underway without the mediating factor of a truer culture of "Patient Choice" ....This factor plus the insistence as CBT as a form of "get em back to work" lever seems to us to be really unhealthy and technocratically alien to working with damaged (and severely damaged) human feelings and consciousness.

We at UserWatch approach the subject from the validation of "feelings" and how they must become integrated and inhabited by each User uniquely... The sadness of CBT and the way it will be practiced sometimes is it will violate the internal feeling world of some patients. It will create in some, a short term "support effect" but later the primal forces of difficult and damaged areas associated with relational development and feelings about that will re-assert in a maddening cycle ..

It will say thought and thinking in certain ways must supervene and regulate feelings .. However feelings are primal and are greater forces than neo-cortical controls they are better integrated by working with and actually feeling to their damaged origins. Its a process where the clothes of grief become adopted and matured if the feelings are seriously painful but are held with care ... Crying is not the enemy, not dealing with human pain is ... The State is set partly on a cycle of more therapy inadequacy..

Meanwhile in Birmingham "therapy" that is any good (emotional helpful and resolving) is really in short supply and Users still report getting nothing and even being invalidated by psychologists as being able to benefit from it .....

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