Saturday, May 05, 2007

Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Satire -The Ghoulian Weaver NHSS

Ahhhhh the strange ways of Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust in the UK have reached our digital ears yet again ...

In a strange twist of weavery and curley little overlapping social boundaries the Trust not content with employing ex Users in a conflict of loyalty position as the "User Voice", is now advertising for Service Users to go out and get 50 sign ups for its bid to become a Foundation Trust .

The procurement of Services Users for this exercise by the Trust will result in the Users being rewarded if they get the 50 sign ups with £25 worth of Bull Ring shopping vouchers .

Since when does a Mental Health Trust that wishes to morph into another type of NHS service body think that it is ethical to use Mental Health Service Users to bulk up Foundation Trust memberships numbers like this ?

Huhhh ? This is just strange and obviously needs therapeutic treatment......Although some things you just cannot straighten out from being bent . Was Uri Geller an influence in some NHS Trust thinking here ? ..At UserWatch we really wonder ......

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