Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust Censorship By CEO Sue Turner ?

A source known to Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Userwatch UK Blog has been contacted by the CEO Sue Turner of the UK Birmingham NHS Trust with a request for taking off this picture shown HERE from UserWatch on the grounds that is :

"Horrid and Frightening"

And also it is claimed to be :

"poor art"

Userwatch thinks this version on the left is rather glowing and anyone could possibly get a good tanning off it ..

The serious underlying story goes though , the source has requested that the Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust in the UK give fair and equal opportunity (as it does with other local Service User Groups) of promotion to a Mental Health film called the Highcroft Lifebook Film which partly demystifies the State and family influences in one local family's mental health damages over 100 years.

The film partly concludes that the obvious theme of intergenerational deficits of reflexively denied empathy (being in touch with each other emotionally) can create a long line of unhealed and repeated emotional damages .

The film goes on to create a DIY approach to Mental Health Service Users being able to create and make their own "Lifebooks" at home .. Its very pro-independence of a struggle for authentic growth

It seems as if the signals are pretty clear that the Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust will not fairly promote the Highcroft Lifebook Film unless and until this picture goes ..

Overnight the Userwatch team has been contacted by a photo journalist and we will see what other parts of the Blog community have to say about this

One thing is for sure . When you challenge the corporate NHS state and its pressure particulary for conformity of "Group-mind" be aware that freedom of thought and expression is all there is left as a real value to live and even die for.

More Later .


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