Monday, May 21, 2007

NIMHE And CSIP Award London User For Mental Health Innovation

The "Distractor" comes in a small package and fits neatly into the ear where it burrows gently into the brain.

"It was a tough competition "

says the Service User "5X" (Name Changed) who invented it to compliment other new distraction based therapies like Elastic Band "wrist sting-ping" Therapy for self harmers , and Computerised CBT currently on generous offer by the joined up Dept Of Work And Pensions (DWP) initiative with Care Services In Partnership (CSIP) and the National Institute For Mental Health Education (NIMHE) .

The competition was even backed by big local Trusts such as South London And Maudsley and Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust ..

"User's in Birmingham (a Londoner laughed ) could only come up with car battery and self applied ECT. "

"The judges frowned on the burns it left though .."

They threw out the "document sniffing bag" where Users pile in lots of documents with better service promises written on them to sniff away, on the basis that it held up recycling of NHS paper. An important point because the NHS needs it paper to be continually recycled .

They said the "NIMHE Virtual Meetings Glasses" was : "a good idea" : where you paste staff and other Users onto the lens of large circumferential glasses and feel wanted and valued wherever you are ..

The Distractor however got the MAJOR PRIZE

"5X" (Name Changed) who hates Australian beer , the number 3 and 4 , and hard porn but believes in patient confidentiality tried out the invention on himself ...

Now he has won the "Innovations in Mental Heath competition" 5x will set up a small factory with a combined grant of 2 million and charities like Rethink and Mind , Mental Health Foundation , Mental Health Media will all chip in to further resource and film happy customers using the Distractor.

Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health will research the "Distractor's" outcomes but 5X is not worried because SCMH always favour things they already agree with ...

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