Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cliff Ecotherapy And Socially Including Birmingham And Solilhull Mental Health Trust (Cheek Round Up)

Its only right that Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust should be socially included here by UserWatch. Its right to make an effort because bureau-disability to recognise others , other than those the Trust wish to see, pay, and butter up the arses of, is a blindness we need not to copy .

Cruelty to butter is wrong too ..

We want to help to reverse this cloaked sight therefore we will make every effort to mention "Birmingham And Solhill Mental Health Trust" ... Call it Installation Conceptual Textual Art . We are BROAD in taste and "Inclusive" ...!

The strange picture we show here today is a self portrait of mass patient souls - a kind of spikey amalgam spat out of a patient spitting blood and serviceless disgust. Its a common feature in Birmingham and Solihull ........Whoops ....."Mental Health Trust" ...We are inclusive okay !

On another lovely breezy cliff note we must say we like the story of the staff samaritan who employed themselves thoughtfully to watch the post traumatic misery of the abused person ( who became a patient) who was set upon by life's dirty old robbers.

Staffatan, who as you can see hybridised his name, "acted" empathically, ticked sheets when "assessing" what treatment was necessary for the patient mugged-one , for loss , helplessness , and a bit of existential rape thrown in ... Only to find no money supply for any real therapy ...

"Don't worry" said Staffatan

We are near a precipice here and it overlooks the lovely sea......Try some Cliff Behavioural Therapy YES its another kind of C.B.T. - watch the lovely watery greeny blue ooze in and out of your mind and eyes and dont do anything silly will you ? "

Ecotherapy IS the new ECO CBT therapy -- YES get out there and work you buggers in the country - there is an EVIDENCE BASE for this cheap and wonderful therapy while you are carrot digging ..

Or Cliff walking ?

Even MIND recommend it - but then they would because they are part of the Top Down anti patient choice state grotesquery that is dressing up nakedness with spin behavioural therapy . S.B.T. ...

Which is also known as T.B.T.. Tony Blair Tripery ...

Well there you go .... Patient Choice is now led by charity eco-lings who seem to have become a bit like robbers...... Park Behavioural Therapy is all . PBT is very wonderful now and then but so is having real therapy and being able to to unravel the travel and get out the gravel of ones soul when one is near the cliff . ..

On another note UserWatch watches those who watch Userwatch in an effort to create equal opportunity of paranoia .

Today we had some ex NIMHE-e-ites float in and view Userwatch and we note these "experts" having networked their way through Mental Health systems are busy setting up "social" businesses that connect back to their mates in mental health and the now lucrative money printing Third Sector ... This is the answer to Labour's dislike of the market and to the dual equation of having to satisfy a large dependent middle class sector on the services that effectively still divert money and chances away from the patient (post crisis). This is what Labour loves - socially engineering patients out of the opportunity of deeper mental health choices ....

Go and walk your cliff ...

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