Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Distractor ™ Unveiled

We've managed to get hold of the following promotional video demonstrating how 'The Distractor ™' works.

We understand that Dr Andrew McFudduck the Director of the Mental Wealth Foundation , a talking shop and obscure MH charity with no apparent charitable objectives beyond lining its own pockets, is currently talking to the inventor about the MWF taking on an evangelising and training role and assuming responsibility for product documentation. Comic Weelief are also rumoured to be on board with £500,000 of capital funding and the NIMHE tie-in already guarantees a degree of state subsidy.

It's an interesting startup and it remains to be seen whether the general production model will include a severe electric shock inducing mode as there's clearly potential for 'The Distractor ™ ' to be a multi-purpose CBT companion tool. For best results when viewing the video, turn it on using the bottom left corner "button" - then it will resolve into better focus .

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