Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Highcroft Lifebook Project Of North Birmingham

The "Highcroft Lifebook Project" was borne from a need to express a story of great family pain and make some lasting witness of a theme that inhabits some families and makes some members mentally ill later in their lives.

That theme is early catastrophic seperation and loss (and even abuses) that is somehow carried on like a partly unnoticed but nevertheless repeated lack of empathic early care for children . The Lifebook project points not to conscious fault in the family so much as preserved unconscious defensive repetitions of certain types of unempathic behaviour which carry on to traumatise the generations. And, this is certainly no theory when it happens to some people who can more consciously attest to a trail of family pain that has affected them.

The Intro to the Highcroft Lifebook film preserves the theme of these insights. It is short and to the point and will be built upon . The intro is followed by about another 13 mins of film which shows the actual making process of the "Lifebooks" . The whole theme is to bring the ability back to the Mental Health User at home who wishes to explore making a map of sense of their lives - in their way .

North Birmingham Communty Arts is a User Led Art Group and project which meets at the 610 Centre in Kingstanding. This Group has been given some rights to sell "The Highcroft Lifebook" film in order to sustain its function and growth - NBCA's primary purpose is to create fellowship in Birmingham North where there has been little in the way of creative mental health sustainance with the exception of a handful of people and a few good staff .

NBCA is trying its best therefore to create a better balance of inclusion , creativity , and User autonomy for those with disabling Mental Health problems .

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