Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Battle Ground For Minds And New Slaver-Labour

Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and CBT itself is set to become a kind of future litmus test for a number of forces currently trying to socially engineer Mental Health (MH) Service Users away from dependency on Incapacity Benefit and MH Day Services ..

The MH charities have partly led the cavary charge against the poor weaponless indians without that much reservation too ..

CBT has been pushed by Rethink and Sainsbury's Centre For Mental Health with the golden prize of "modernisation" as an aim, and with flag waving here and there partly through Mental Health Media with poorly demonstrated and questionably effective projects about "stigma"..

This concept is very overplayed but a few people have a vested interest in doing that especially some elite Ex Service Users circles who trot out with expenses paid the same old "stigma stories" at various meetings in the UK .

The MH Charities do not have much else to falsely rally the converted indians to re-totemise and dance around though, and somehow their patient freedom to choose treaments (PATIENT CHOICE) has slipped to the bottom of the totem pole and is going "UGHHH"

These Charity bodies are now full of connections with ex career civil servants DoH or DWP linked , and have a rather grey agenda really, because the real prize of Service Users having control and choices of purchase of treatments that suit continual management or genuine recovery is very very far away . The MH NHS is dominant and towering and is often in league with the MH Charities to cheapen services .

By the time the "litmus" test is done on CCBT and CBT, and found to be wanting in the right colour and depth , New Labour with its anti-benefit anti-MH-patient choice stance may well be run out of steam . It wont stop the next lot from picking up and beating the same drum perhaps ..The Charities are shape shifters too so it won't worry them that much .

The health economics idea behind CCBT and CBT is to use the resources saved by getting people fit and back to work to actualise other improvements in MH Services isnt it ?

I doubt this . Savings will ultimately be used to buffer the false way the welfare state and the new "welfare-charity-state" take control over patient's lives - the status quo will continue with service delivery being owned at a few removes from the patient . The quality-driver of PATIENT CHOICE in MH terms still has not got much of a chance . The Charities want to take over . There are big wages in it too ..

New Labour are not modernising anything with any radicalism in MH - they are reforming and supporting a middle-income, income-tax-protected new administrative class . Its what they are and have become themselves.

The more honest way forward of people really paying for health giving services through re-distributive income tax related ways is not saleable politically. We have conservative middle classes to thank for this curvature of backbone and an ex Thatcherite agenda continued by Tony Blair . He's their man okay ..

The health market could have been democratised by state enabled PATIENT CHOICE and driven into more quality by that mechanism over time - the problem is the NHS is a very large supporter of the middle classes and their economic stabilities. Priority for frontline treaments is giving way also to new User Bureacracy rather than market democracy driven by state enabled PATIENT CHOICE .

The new User-bureaucracies are insidious and pernicious in the way they are supported to partly divert treament opportunities away from other Patients whilst playing with the idea they are somehow more democratic.. Democracy at the point of CHOICE and with closer purchasing power is the better way forwards . The money is already there being played with by the social engineers like the Charities who want more lottery money for "stigma drives" or NIMHE and CSIP who are the DWP-DOH post victorian workhouse orientated expensive services in disguise.

New Labour have condemned many in the MH community to false hope and little real service of any long term therapeutic value . This will collapse into more piles of messy realities one day. But who knows who will be left to witness its subtle holocaust of the spirit . Most of the Charity heads will be retired in Spain ... Roll on Global warming .....Mr S. Atan rules it seems ...


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