Saturday, April 14, 2007

Computers Licenced To Dispense Mental Health Soapy Porridge

In the post victorian but very surviving ethical corpse of work-to-forget your mental health pains, Computers in health are now to dispense software mental health solutions . OOOOOO Lovely ....

"Soft soaping" patients is more like it : Userwatch bubbles

But the roll out of Computerised CBT or the lather is ON as from March 2007 .

It will have to be measured for its effectiveness according the DoH, and head cook Louise Appleby who has been supplying the whine will instruct NIMHE (the "Innovators") now shape shifting to CSIP into partly being the Waiters who will measure customer satisfaction .

But it wont be : "Waiter there's a cry in my soup !"

Because flying Cries are banned, by the new, be-in control-of your-emotions-software ..

Dont get afraid of your own inner core of vulnerability - Delete it by thought ..

Yeah Sure ....

The job of CCBT procurements has gone to the Primary Care Trusts across Birmingham (like others places in the UK.) They must provide hardware where Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy will be accessesed . The software licences are to be purchased too by the PCT's and because there is no new money for this half baked one size fits all scheme - it will be diverted from elsewhere out of the local health budget . Userwatch wonders where that might be ? Could it be the already poor supply of talking and feeling therapies ? Probably.

Meanwhile the User sector in the local mental health economy in Bham is set to expand again with a post being advertised for a Voluntary Sector worker to co-ordinate communications with the Voluntary sector . The money once again will come out of the local mental health budget . UserWatch questions this . Its frankly daft . A deeper schism is opening up with new User bureacracies (paid for the the Trust out of frontline treatment money) and poor supply of recovery treatments are the reality for many Bham Users .

Oh sorry we forgot there's always your computer to talk to or failing that going to a library to access your CCBT programme to do "Homework" ... That is how it has been put !

What the cogging hell is going on in Mental Health economics? . The supply side is dominated by the Govt Agenda and the User side is contstantly being bought off by the services themselves and used a vanguard to represent others falsely .

This is not Patient Choice realised but in fact "survival of the fittest" in a skewed and distorted state dominated choiceless context and the tests being run is who in the "User" community will orientate around the Catch 22 paradox of User's up the health service's anus the most ?

Maybe we should rephrase that Darwinism into "Survival of the Shittest" ?

What do you think satirically speaking ?

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