Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mental Health Staff Need Mental Health Treatment Says Community Care UK Online


Yep its CBT for the staffia ... !

Claims of so much bullying and stresses of change in trying to get Mental Health Users back to work and pathwayed into usefulness have created worn out staffies that need to get back work to recover... Some have been claiming Incapacity Benefit ...

Community Care report :

"Dept of Health backs calls to tackle mental health problems among mental health staff and Andy Burnham accepts in full review of Dr Steve Boorman's occupational health review : "

"Boorman claimed the NHS could save £555m a year by reducing sickness absence, which currently costs the service £1.7bn and numbers 10.7 million days a year.

The Department of Health pledged to take forward a recommendation for staff to have access to early intervention support for common mental health and musculo-skeletal problems, like back pain."

"This isn't a sign of the Labour recovery mental health mechanic's ship sinking .....

Nahhhh ...... This is the skeleton failed recovery policies doing a dance for life at the bottom of the fucking ocean with clanking staffies ! "

Says Dave BakO'ward...

Dave claims his dog hallucinations did not do him much good when JobCentre Staff working out of an NHS Trust tried to help him use a pencil to write . He bit their hands and claims

"They were trying to take my bone while I was in a kennel phase of dog dimensions - I cannot help myself I was brought up like a fucking dog anyway and growled at a lot by wolves known as carers the social services gave me to... "

Nuff said ... May our howls join yours Dave .. ( UserWatch Team ..)


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