Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mental Health Post Trauma Art : Teddies Float In Pink War Rivers


By Silvis Rivers

Arts and mental health post trauma

Teddy thinks the world is mad

What do you think children dressed in pink ?

"The world itself is quite thickly sick and warped - Art is commandeered itself as a part policy spin of mental health social inclusion . Gone is its deeper tongue of fire and vision in many, tortured as they are by little treatment and no or poor reception of terrible events and stories that have happened to them ... Gone is witness of pain and tears - that is still taboo .

The Stigma over human pain is endless and prohibiting and becomes a reflected political and social force even in mental health ... Hence drugs where witness should be . Hence a cold model of robotic bio-clinical nature and medico language over unrescued unlistened to human history.

Post traumatised soldiers know all about this and so do child abused kids that become adults through the war of their development

The War we all really fight is against full consciousness of our damaged and damaging selves .

Some classes of officers are very clean and no longer wish to see it . They are comfortable at the feast of the wages of sin and the skimmed off wages of the tribe of the bin .

So I was told by Teddy .. "

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