Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Main House Gets the Chop And Becomes Down The Drain House


Main House Gets the Chop By Birmingham and Solihull MH Foundation Trust Board

Four to five different Users from Birmingham have reported now that Main House in Birmingham that treated Borderline Personality Disorder conditions (from often different regions of the country) in an intensive unit-based way has got the financial chop from the Trust Board . Three Users who visited the recent Personality Disorder Network meeting on Nov 23rd 2009 at Carrs Lane in Birmingham City Centre reported to UserWatch that Jan Birtle the Director of Main House gave the news .

It has been received with some sadness but allegedly the push by the Govt is on to provide more community based resources so more people get supports .

The key issue is how successful can this be inside an economic context that may see pressure to shrink budgets on patient care ..

Over to the Birmingham LINks monitors we guess who should be looking at this ... Anyone know who they are ?


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