Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birmingham PCT's Develop Mental Health Social Inclusion Enlightenment Compass


In talks with Mr Buddha and extremely truthful Mental Health Service Users, it seems Birmingham Primary Care Trusts have developed a fantastic aid to realistic thinking for MH Users ..It is rumoured the Dragons Den business crowd are interested too .

The New Social Inclusion and Enlightenment Compass spins around energetically and appears to create many directions of activity . In reality it goes nowhere and points to very little ..

However this is being used through applications of G.B.T. (Gymnastic Behavioural Thinking ) to be realistic about the experience of despair that Mental Health Users have continually regarding services ....Useless services of course that do very little and over which there is no Patient Choice can hardly create MH Users confidently moving forward in life but that does not matter according to Mr Buddha ...

"Everyone has to face the void and the NHS mental health services are pretty empty really especially of emotional solution and human empathy and have often used up the Karmic wheel-of-life energy of Users and even created silly careers for some .

Now MH Users can sit at home and realise the waste of the last 10 years and yet become wise ... Maybe even campaigning with renewed fiery rage to create real choice and real services that provisioning bureaucrats can give up their jobs for ... "

"Service creation schemes will create Jobs when MH Users in the community determine the shapes of their long terms recoveries through real health care vouchers or budgets "

Mr Buddha who once suffered from illusions added :

"The top commissioning staff I have spoken too at the Birmingham Primary Care Trusts are glad to release into the market a jolt of compassing realism for miserable MH Users ..

Some top staff at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust are scowling now that some Users have the enlightenment compass even though those staff have recently returned from a world class cruise taking Governors and chosen staff with them to examine global social inclusion ..All for patient's benefit of course . "



Anonymous said...

We have had a very poor service from birmingham PCT with regard to our son. Since 12/9/09 he has been moved 4 times, Stoke on Trent, Bradford, Edgbaston and now Wesston Super Mere. How can he hope to get any real continuity of care when the hospitals he is moved to are not provided with any notes of his history. We feel really let down and our son now finds himself 100's of miles from us on a high secure ward (which he does'nt warrant)where he is totally isolated and alone. How can this caring profession really feel that this is best for his metal health.

PatientGuard said...

Sounds like an unusual case Anon - for a Bham Primary Care Trust (there are 3 of them) to be shuffling a patient around hospitals away from his carers raises our eyebrows . Can you say any more ?

The lack of notes following his case is very disturbing indeed. Are you taking this up with the Health service Ombudsman if his health is being jeopardized by "care" that by default is fragmented (according to your claims) of no records following him ?