Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mental HealthTabour And Lory Freudian Policies

Mental Health Future Policy And Other Illusions ..

The blue and red weaves of the Labour and Tory parties are a kind of mauvey brown or is that maroon ..... Ahhh now there's a word "maroon" ...Hmmmmm... Have the parties been marooned? Are they both the colour of severly de-oxygenated blood?

David Freud keenly analysing where his financial footfall can balance on some unsteady policy books has "hoppted " for the Tories now .... He'll probably meet Tony Blair at David Cameron's tea and raid on welfare incapacity benefit piggybank parties ..

The anihilation of the UK working classes functionality for the fattened out torified middle class "aspirers" of the 1970's and 80's , 90's etc has only really seen the underlying contradictions of economics and over accredited narrow self interest finally at work . Who cared about contradictions though and social failures when there was endless invented money about? Governments did not really . Though they made noises and dances with selected groups .....

Bubble island UK has burst and has quickly put on its new fantasy cling films. Oh dear, its all see-through ..

Ahhh , now we have to re-invent what we got rid of .... The "working class" ... Or working underclass ... And in mental health UK that means you too , you crazy diamond... Only psychosis can protect you from the madness ... Jeese ... Get a handle on that ... World Ward 3 has begun ..Shellfire hallucinations are now common. Bang bang in your head . In some parts of the world they are totally real ..

At the Tory Party Conference Oct 7th 2009 - which really could have been the Labour Party conference, the economic elephant in the room of an unproductive country caused by politicians assenting to major shifts of oiled-capital and the invention of credit to get us through the productive void, has not really led to analysis of our mass neurotic economic UK unreality ... UH OH we are productively factorless - or is that factoryless ? Careful we might start recalling history and feel traumatised by our idiocy ..

We needed Sigmund Freud not David Freud and his welfare fix wizardry of words at the Tory Party Conference of Oct 7th . But he's not completely off target, except it might be noted the class cruelty of top down UK batter the benefit-dung classes, has yet to shape itself fully in the UK in its administration of "blame" and shame on the "benefit classes" - yet to become the slave classes as the western capital empire partly fails for decades yet - and loses its purple togas

That is , unless we all accept a different world of sharing and "fairing" and somehow we sail out of the nineteenth century expansion-empire world view into a thoughtful and feelingful age that newly discovered Bubble World will be over unless we slow down and accept human need and "locality as reality" .

"Global" is truly sick , heated up and very well Nino-ed, and can only exist in its mass shifts of money and production on the back of oil and final eco-hell.. The world cannot expand to meet our need to be fat and top cat everywhere .. There's not enough chip oil and burgers unless Mars is colonised and you can breathe carbon dioxide ..

Hang on a bit ... I have realised we are probably acclimatising already to Mars ... Do you wonder if we will meet the God of War there ? ..I bet he will have tatoos of all the politicians that took his advice . Maybe he came down amongst us already though ... Who knows? Everything is mixed up ... The "Tabour" party too are now the "Lories"... See what I mean .. Words are no longer obedient either .. Journachism has arrived ... I have been attacked by it too.

The UK has deep problems stored up over decades by suppressed class conflict and rivalling needs and class aspirations without a deep form of economic and social collateral of simple care that made us all genuinely fitter for a life and a reasonable death . It simply did not believe in meeting real needs in its services and even in its national and local economic policies to preserve local balances of production-capacity and health giving services. Plenty of people were kept in service jobs but in health plenty of people (more than ever) die or are harmed :

BBC 7th Oct 2009 :

"More than 5,700 patients in England died or suffered serious harm due to errors latest figures for a six-month period show.

The National Patient Safety Agency said there were 459,500 safety incidents from October 2008 to March 2009 - the highest rate since records began.

Patient accidents were the most common problem, followed by mistakes made during treatment and with medication."

Mental Health is but a small but important reflective section of the quantum social physics of social failure without therapy and redress. The Observer recently points out there's only 400 or so trained up therapists of the 3600 that are supposed to be in place to help the mentally health affected off Incapacity Benefits....

Oh well , put chemicals on the weeds and stingers near the margins . Keep em down and do not learn from them that your whole society is riddled with socially pointed crazing contradictions bluely concreted over :

Family life in the UK that does not meet childood developmental need that is not truly opened to examination , wider social relations that are not open to examination , class relations that are not open to examination ..Economic structure that reflects it all and has not been open to examination but promoted illusions instead .. Conformity to false social and economic adaptations and over-compromised individual and social needs remains a problem that has become more sophisticated politically, socially and individually .. So it appears without human solutions but with instead politically correct charities and "industries" keeping a "pc" poverty-industry alive with new corporate agendas that mean they swill in Gov't and lottery cash.. Short term performances will be the new fashion in the futures we will make because we do not wish to sustain better socially therapeutic support for the "un-adapted" ..

Disabled classes , be afraid . Unless ofcourse you are one of the "Toppies" all head and half heart ready to embark on controlling the rest of us for yourselves .. But oh dear , some of us are rolling our eyes and are aware . We see the crippled satire we have made ourselves into ..

Cutterflies from Internal Centauri do roam the skies .. Razor bladed butterflies .

Art sees and mirrors, but it needs a life-aware narrative and your consciousness to come to life ..

That is good mental health .. Anyone got some? Over to you David Freud ..


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