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Ahhha ! The UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey Report Oct 2009


By : Art de Rivers Now

Mental Health Watching In The UK/US .


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(UserWatch Editorial Comment : Just well done everyone who was involved in this)

This UK Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey was first reported about on and the report stage is a first of its kind for the UK . As of today it has been sent to Dr Lynne Jones M.P the Joint Chair of the All Parliamentary sub Committee on mental health and the Care Quality Commission .

No taxpayers were billed for this survey . No large mental health charities were involved . No lottery funds were used up. It was consulted upon , done, designed and completed by the good spirit of P.D. service Users of the UK NHS services . It was truly User-led. It was politically independent, though the Socialist Health Association freely hosted the survey on

Over to the Press release which has all the details :

"The User Led U.K. Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey was designed Online after consultation with UK Service Users and Phil Lockwood a volunteer advocate and support who runs a P.D. forum. There is a concern about loss of life (a suicide rate of up to 77%) in the P.D. spectrum community - (See the UK Dept of Health's "New Horizons" Page 72 quoted in the Survey results)

The UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey was hosted in May 2009 by the Socialist Health Association and with Martin Rathfelder's help who also helped promote it . It was also aided in promotion by the National Association of LINks members and their Chair, Malcolm Alexander .

The report and independent stewardship of the survey was completed by Paul Brian Tovey an Independent Mental Health Monitor and Service User. There was no cost to the taxpayer. All effort was voluntary.

By Oct 2009, 134 UK NHS Service Users had completed the survey . The vast majority of the Service Users were women (102) . Most respondents (97) mainly self attributed the often co-morbid condition-description of Borderline Personality Disorder to themselves.

The NHS mainly offered medication to most of the respondents (109).

The respondents (109) in Question 11. however, mainly wanted therapies and good social supports and when asked in their own words trended strongly towards a mixture of those. The NICE guidelines of Jan 2009 states medication should only be used in crisis.
The respondents when asked if the NHS was adequate for their needs stated :

No - 52% (70 Users)
Sometimes - 43% ( 58 Users)
Yes - 4.5% (6 Users)

When asked if respondents had Care Co-ordinators and Care Plan Approaches (CPA's) which included crisis plans (NICE guidelines support this particularly of Borderline P.D.)

59% (78 ) stated No .
33% (44) stated Yes.

It is a cause for some concern. There are many more findings in the survey with Users expressing the problems they have had with services in their own words .

The Care Quality Commission will be contacted and information offered to them .
119 NHS Trust or service locations were also named in the survey .

The full User Led UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey Report is attached."

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