Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Service User Matadors Stop Birmingham Bull To Rescue Small Charities


Stopping The Council Bull In Birmingham

Well it took the small guy - the Service Users in the end to take on the Birmingham Council barons of "fundingless" at the Hight Court and win . Third Sector Online lead the story well :

"Birmingham City Council's decision to cut more than £1m of funding from 13 advice charities in the city was unlawful, but only the three that challenged the decision should have their funding reinstated, a High Court judge has ruled.

Mr Justice Blake ruled last week that the three charities – the Birmingham Tribunal Unit, the Chinese Community Centre Birmingham and St James Community Support & Advice Centre, Birmingham – should have their funding reinstated."

The barons of "fundingless" are those along with other parties that helped to preserve the crazy economy and crazy banking system and the crazy way those who are disabled and in social care or health need will pay dis-proportionately for everyone else having lived off fantasy economics in the UK for quite some time without a manufacturing productive sector. Now you can see what happens when you invalidate a "working productive class" for 30 years or so ..

Neither the hands of Labour or Tories are clean in that and the middle class bureaucracies that sprung up under 13 years of Labour had better look at themselves and re-organise their lives for real work never mind attacking the workless welfare class and the disabled with tabloid media masturbations and prejudice - take a look at the subsidized lives of all and ask who is really fit to bear less and finally generate wealth ?

Or shall we claw the disabled ... ? Probably the latter knowing wolf class world out there.

The pattern of funding less advice orientated charities though is interesting for amongst them was Birmingham Tribunal Unit with a wealth of experience in tackling injustices and complex problems to those on benefits . Quite a number of these 13 small charities targeted were welfare advice type charities - meanwhile bigger charities out there have slurped at the bowls of local health and social care commisioners . We know who they are in Birmingham and as usual in mental health everyone knows who they are that suck off the lottery cash cow and various udder pots of milking money ..

Interestingly a reader on Third Sector Online states the obvious :

"Surely, there is a message here that bigger charities should step to the plate and take the fight against cuts by local councils to the courts. It's the smaller ones and their service users that are leading by example and taking practical action that are yielding results. It seems that the bigger charities are all talk and no action, and too scared to take on the bullies"

We might say some of the big charities are also the "bullies" ... Or the Bull for service user matadors to take on ..


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