Saturday, April 09, 2011

HSJ Mogger Attacks Welfare To Wolf Policy

HSJ Mogger Attacks Welfare To Wolf Policy - - by SilvisRivers

Well one thing is for sure - we'd all like a serious hero rather than the fecking zero status most of us are but HSJ Mogger - once little more apparently than a squiggle on a page, surely shows the way, with magical claw thinking ... The rest of us can reach for a pillow named "Dave" or even "Gord" since there were secret deals between all parties to feck us up for about 30 years by removing the manufacturing capacity with little serious policy to protect that (unlike Germany) and the over-zealous belief in bugger the working class - let them eat credit and benefits ..and silly fecking retail jobs and social engineering nuttery ..

Was it once pink with freedoms
But it turned cold blue
Did it give you your life
Or bite and bleed you ?

A pattern of hunting
And down with the weak
As it licks their face
And their prospects are bleak

New Norman castles in the land
And the smells of blood
In the air
Its an old old beast
This blue one
That brings despair ...


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