Monday, March 28, 2011

More Zero State - Beyond The Watertowers NHS Confederation Report


By a UserWatch Correspondent

Apart from being anti-patient-choice in mental health - but certainly avidly-for Mental Health User Involvement (which created over 13 years of Labour) more bureaucracy and subtle dominion in the NHS, the self interested as ever NHS Confederation trots out its new brown going part pinky blue trottery on the Gov't take .. Piggies in middle class eh ?

Meanwhile we all have seen the "heroic" 250,000 people protesting about cuts as though these things were never in the Labour lexicon.... Far from it, 13 years of Labour in mental health showed a mirror of the economy - all bureaucracy and no productive reality . Apart from theorising here and there about "social inclusion" . The cuts and attacks on welfare were on their way - we need weeding out ... UserWatch is full of nettles though for all parties and even God ..

The balance of trade to get back to sanity though , might have been called the imbalanced national mental health mindedness since finally someone sees some sense and the Gov't are quoted in the NHS Confeds "Budget Briefing" :

"Alongside the Budget the Government published its Plan for Growth, which outlines how the government plans to make the UK :“a world-leader in manufacturing, life sciences, creative industries, green energy and non-financial business services”.

Frankly UserWatch supports realistic think tankery rather than credit laden thankyou very much bankery that has kept everyone inside expensive illusions. This Government faces the obvious : "produce or slowly die off you feckers " ...

In the economic squeeze though mental health patients and their ideas of growth are pretty well zeroed out . The time of slaying off the welfare weak has come - a bit of cannibalism first happens with a few statues pulled down of useless ideas on top of people and then its down to putting the expanded middle classes from priestly bureaucratic churches now being demolished back to work in the manufacturing sectors (like Germany has done successfully) all because you have to earn your way rather than invent your pay .

The NHS Confed Budget Briefing also includes :

"The Plan for Growth also stated that the Government will shortly publish "Shaping Competitive Markets", guidance to support departments in better decision making by setting out measures that procurers should take to shape and open up markets, and highlighting how procurement decisions can have undesirable consequences on markets."
Now that should be interesting since it is time for mental health users to look into the mouth of the shark world and realise they were already there inside the NHS if they disagreed with it so what's different about the new potential for "markets" ?

Just be aware the mental health charities are lining up to line their pockets now as price undercutting "willing providers" . If you are serious about personal growth in mental health as a User or Carer - look elsewhere because this Charity-way is not the way either and will lead to a duplication of another form of under-stated need - the Under-State , Zero State is close by.

Watch out for yourselves .. Don't go numb and mad . Fight for life . You've got one in the whole of eternity so kick the charity sharks in the teeth before they bite your legs off ..


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