Friday, March 11, 2011

Birmingham Carers Association Petition Goes To 2166


YES ITS GONE TO 2166 Petitioners !!


The Petition was headed: "Cuts to Care Services"

The front page of the petition stated:

"Thousands of Carers looking after sick or disabled relatives are living in fear that following the devastating reductions to council budgets from Westminster Government, support for families with caring needs will be cut.

If councilors cut care and support services: families with caring needs will be pushed to breaking point and their health and life chances will suffer; older and disabled people will lose their independence and need higher levels of care sooner; carers juggling work and care will be forced to give up work to care full time for loved ones."

What is curently happening in Birmingham UK will be repeated across the country : the money for care is going to be cut for those classified as with "substantial" needs under an assessment process known as Fairer Access to Care Services (FACS) . This will leave only the "critical" banding as those who will receive help . (See FACS at the DOH 2010)

UserWatch says : If you were not classified as "critical" before, you are likely to be if your "substantial" needs do not get met because lack of help for people in the substantial banding of assessed needs is arguably going to make them worse .

The Bham City Council UK claim they will have factored in a £15+ million (coming across from PCT's) to share across the 3rd Sector to compensate partly and allow more support that way . The detail though is that those assessed as "substantial" will only be "signposted" to this new strategy and it is uncertain what the effects will be . Will it be a reviewable process every 3 months ? It ought to be considering some people are heading for care problems with all of this ..

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