Friday, August 27, 2010

Mental Health User Apartheid ? One Rachel Fits All?

Its Proof Of The Upper Downery NHS Law

Illustration and poem courtesy of
Silvis Up The Pill of Hillvis Rivers

Jack Said :
There's a being
In the needle lune
Up there in the heart sky
God of prick
Satan cold science
Lacking Buddha's eye
I heard from the media today
How an ex-patient-psychologist wants everyone
Back to work
And I saw the muffle shuffle of local patients
That she implies are trained to shirk ..
Anal snakes now writhe
Tongues and languages curl
And the media shits on weakness
And the hate-show speeds its whirl ....

New Labour's UK mental health policies are still dragging about and waiting for the Coalition to power them up again . Mental Health Day Centres across the UK will be further targeted with new hot house schemes and Third Sector partners trying to socially engineer the long term mentally unwell into training and recovery and other types of choiceless mono-culture supply-side bollox which do not fit needs . For all the talk of modernisation in the UK we only ended up with a User elite selling everyone else out and promoting their own groups as the rest of everyone else . What do you think ?

Was there a solution ? Yeah .. Legal Patient Choice of recovery and condition management post crisis ..

We see the UK Guardian spider-writer Lady O-hero interviewed someone with new ideas who we hear was some kind of (service) "User",  now a NHS psychologist, speaks out against things like therapy dependence and yet implies dependency on meds is fine and work is implied as the main aim of "recovery" ... Right - gotcha. The vision they propose is "theirs though" and a mass projection of that ..? Yeah, how very individualized, but truthfully applicable to only  some people like that person wouldn't you think?  Some people do need support (dependency) for a very long time . The need of sanctuary is not a moral sin or necessarily a treatment failure.

What the UK Guardian never railed against consistently was the lack of legal Patient Choice in mental health (post crisis) and thus we are left with no equality of effect with the general population who can choose a consultant and secondary care provider. It was for instance , eminently possible to create patient choice mechanisms in Personality Disorders and post-crisis management which could have led to more recovery choices and initially inside the talking-emotionally supporting therapies ..But the Guardian looked the other way ..The law was set in Jan 2009 against Patient Choice in mental health . It still has not changed . Meanwhile under Labour the expansion of non-productive middle classes grew . So much for real productive expansions in the export trades like manufacturing .. (currently specialist manufacturting in the UK generates £ 300 Billion)

There is still not enough therapies for social damages in the community - we are hearing of real lives and real demand from people who have lost others, lost networks - lost babies - lost face in ethnic communities - never had parents - raped in care - sent mad by the system and more .. And Lady O-hero goes Guardian-ing away .. Guardian over what really , narrowness and limited top down social engineering approaches ..?

Forget people , lets make equations of "we imply we know best" eh and make it look like we are liberal and intelligent rather than right-wing and post Victorian ..

What a 19th century UK work-arse approach all this sad recovery anti sanctuary stuff in mental health care still is,  and we at UserWatch expect meds and SSRI's Prozac and Seroxat and Effexors and hills of pills to be suddenly health service popular again. The UK has the second biggest defence budget in the world an expanded and productivity-lacking middle class, and a hopeless massive class of people left in the wake of global development .

Positive depression is mental health reality of realistic vision ... Lets deal with an expanded overpaid middle class first please and the overpaid corporate bankers too and create sanctuary and individualised plans for life at the mental health care ends ..

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