Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust Where Is Your PD User Network ?

Where is the Community Personality Disorder User Network ?

While Staff Meet Up At A Nice Hotel ?

Got any defensive answers for this BSMHFT ? Come on - you all placed a CPDS service in the wrong area in the North of Birmingham UK . Didn't you ? What a waste of time and money ...

From what we hear, we wonder if it was designed to get minimum coverage , uptake and promotion to end up with the low numbers of uptakes that has made you lot self justifiably drag it off somewhere else . What a lousy deal this is for its so called mission statement to support people with long term issues of reverberating child abuse post trauma etc .

The Staff who were employed to create the User Network did what exactly ? What outreach pamphlets ? Outreach Groups ? Where ? Anyone know ? Everyone knows now your CPDS service before it barely started is planned to move off . Make it available flexibly and re-state it will create support groups for people in pain over their child abused history. Don't re-hive it off into an other unsuitable area for politically correct reasons where it did few people any good ..

Meanwhile your staff are off to a nice lunch at a nice hotel in Stafford with a minimum of PD Users in attendance and too often mainly those with network cream up their asses because in fact they should be protesting for a proper service in Birmingham instead of looking for NHS self-advantaging User-jobs..

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