Sunday, August 08, 2010

Mental Health - From Labour's Rigged Society To The Con-Dem's Bottom Up Boggery ?





"First, we will help to catalyse social action by making better use of existing civic institutions. For example, we will devolve more powers to town halls, give new functions to post offices, protect local pubs and take action to safeguard local shops.

This paper for the first time explains how we will apply this approach to the civil service, one of Britain’s largest civic institutions. By making use of these institutions, we can help to embed a powerful new social norm on social action and community activism."

But then we have the thumbs up for the charitocracy ( that means MIND and Rethink and others will become the new MH State )

"First, public service reform. Our public sector reform programme is designed to cut costs while improving standards, and to enable social enterprises, charities and voluntary groups to play a leading role in delivering public services and tackling deep-rooted social problems. That is why we have developed a detailed framework for opening up public services to new suppliers, and improving accountability and value for money through techniques like payment-by-results, competitive tendering, publishing performance information, and giving people the opportunity to choose between competing providers.

To make these reforms work, we need to give new and existing social enterprises, charities and voluntary groups the long-term incentives they need to develop and deliver innovative and high quality public services, and this paper sets out new plans to do that. Specifically, this paper sets out new policies to provide social enterprises with the start-up funding and support they need to bid for government contracts or work towards delivering services under a payment-by-results model. "

Jeese then we come to the new State self funding Dad's Army (5000) and Care Raid Warden Patrols :

We will establish National Centres for Community Organising. We will fund the training of 5,000 independent community organisers over the lifetime of the next Parliament. This national army of community organisers will have the skills needed to raise funds to pay for their own salaries, help communities to establish and operate neighbourhood groups, and help neighbourhood groups to tackle difficult social challenges. In the US, the community organising endowment established by Saul Alinsky has trained generations of community organisers, including President Obama.

We think all this is a recipe not for the ex working class communities to band together and re-invent themselves into community groups and co-ops with real empowerment - but in fact an incentive for a new middle class take over of everyone's lives in an age-ing stressed out country...

However we are thinking of starting up a new DIY Coffin Making scheme ...

What do you think - read the BIG Society Document ..


Anonymous said...

Check out Time of Change's september Nuremburg rally, they plan to write up the ' New Mental health ' , our friend Mr Brown of One in Four has already kindly agreed to pencil in the frameworks

PatientGuard said...

The Labour "We are you and we know best" machine has not run out of steam yet ..

Though the NMHDU - the rumps and humps of NIMHE are parts of the SHAs (NIMHE also embedded itself into PCT's too ) and the SHAs are due for a kind of death by transformation into probably some kind of new body which GP PBC's may well use to commission and create some performance management in the new services to come .

The deep problem left by Labour and NIMHE is the planning webs by SCMH is still soft-and deadly totalitarianism based on no cultures of real patient choices in mental health and where it might have occured at the GP axis years ago - there's hardly a skilled GP culture there enough ..It was quite simply blocked .

What a fuck up of leftover bureaucracy and top down crap that conceptualises individuals into concepts to be socially rejigged and re-cogged.

Worse still the Time For a Change stigma garbage, is money gone to trances and media dances .. Terrible ... But shit has to go through a colon to get flushed doesn't it ..?

Anonymous said...

Oh and also check out the elite on Twitter #mhuk ( appropriately pronounced 'muck' ) ....all 6 of them or is it 5? Would be funny if these people weren't riding the thrusting shafts of the charities and usual vested interests.