Monday, March 01, 2010

NHS Health : The Staffordshire 400 Death Balladic Blues - For the Dead


Balladic Poem By Silvis Rivers

In Staffordshire I am going to bed for care
And to leave my relatives later in despair

I went there with a kiss
And died in blood, stress , and chemical piss

I had illusions of beauty and a nurse
And the rocking dance of black is
Now my hearse

I am one of the 400 ghosts
In the cemeteries of the unexplained national hosts

My family showed their open heart surgery
And grief

But top hat managers sent in their burglar thoughts
And financial circus thief

The caring ethos is boned and gone

And there's a real steel feel

And I died from idiots not cleaning
Bacterial C-difficile

And on and on


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