Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Mid Staffordshire 340 Deaths In Andy Burnhams Own Labour Constituency?


Well, Mid Staffs NHS Foundation Hospital Trust and the 400 patient deaths there beyond the expected rate, does not appear to be the only area affected by the financially hothouse hotheaded rush for Foundation Trust Status that New Labour pushed vigorously as policy .

"HEALTH secretary Andy Burnham is facing calls for a probe into “shocking” death rates at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Trust hospitals" (Leigh Journal 1st Feb 2010)

So what are the unexpected death rates at this hospital ?

"Mr Cubells said in 2007/8 there were more than 340 unexpected deaths. "

What we also have here in this report is the UK Care Quality Commission being forced to think again about its monitoring role and the implication is it did not pick up the increased death rates but the Trust involved knows there were increases

"The Trust was given Foundation Trust status last year, and managers say they brought the death rate back below average at the end of 2008-9. " (Leigh Journal)

Once again FT status and the rush for it is implicated . In the push for FT status hospitals typically had to clear "debts" which translated as curbing overspends on their Dept of Health PCT grants and this often meant decreasing staff ratio's and that put the quality of care at risk . The Francis Report into the Mid Staffs 400 Deaths found that was a pattern at the Mid Staffs NHS Trust which also rushed for FT status .


sara star said...

The amounts of death is incredible. Hope they get to the bottom of it.

Dave Neenhan said...

On totally avoidable, unnnecessary and unexplained patient deaths in the NHS I notice that the DoH managerial elite are limbering up to cover up their tracks with a suggestion from Stephen Thornton Chief Executive of the Health Foundation that clear information on mortality rates be restricted to 'expert audiences '.

As our friends at the HSJ noted , making data inaccessible and relatively incomprehensible can be an effective way of publishing information while excluding the general public from the debate.

So, no more suprises for the Trust CEO's who can go right back to shuffling the bedsheets roundto save on the laundry bills.

On the mental health front please take the time to participate in the new poll over at about whether the DoH's decision to exclude all mental health services from the NHS Patient Choice agenda constitutes Disability Discrimination.