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Sion Simon MP Faced Cash For Christmas Trees Questions


Sion Simon MP Asked About Christmas Tree Purchases

The mental health UserWatch delusionary dog's (Piddlekwik) wet legged habits on the Royal Parks trees provoked us to get questions asked about Sion Simon MP's Department's costs of Christmas Trees ..

Piddlekwik does not exist to those who cannot see him by the way .. But they made a film about Harvey didn't they ? ... So do not mock us, you stigmatisers ..We just have special sightedness ..

Sion Simon is the MP for Birmingham Erdington UK and is often called locally : "Mr Invisible" and he is also the (Under-secretary for the Department of Culture Media and Sport ) ...

Its seems Sion's Department can furnish Christmas trees in royal parks but he personally really did not robustly support the needs for instance of the Erdington community (where he is the M.P. ) in trying to get the Rookery Park House in Erdington, facilitated into arts and community use.

Maybe he can refute that in the Great Barr Observer ?

A local interest group in that type of community facilitation has been around for years trying to improve community arts facilitation and it never never happened at the Rookery House Park right under Sion's nose, and his nearby offices ... Sion of course locally is reckoned to have been parachuted into the safe Labour Erdington seat because he has shown his loyalty to the party (in some kind of way ) and is quite ambitious with a keen journalistic-researchers edge .. Local people we have heard from, complain to us , that his responses if they ever get them to concerns, take months ..

On the 5th January Sion answered questions in Parliament quick enough about Christmas Tree costs ..

"David Davies (Monmouth, Conservative)

To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport how many Christmas trees were purchased by his Department and its agency in each of the last five years; what the cost was of those trees in each year; from where the trees were sourced; what account was taken of the sustainability of the sources of the trees; and by what process the trees were disposed of."

"Siôn Simon (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Culture, Media and Sport; Birmingham, Erdington, Labour)

The information requested is as follows:

(a) Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Number of trees purchased Cost (£)
2005 n/a n/a
2006 4 565
2007 3 446
2008 3 559
2009 3 559
n/a = Not available.

The Department's Christmas trees are purchased each year from sustainable sources within the United Kingdom, through its facilities management contractor. The trees are composted after use.

(b) The Royal Parks

Number of trees purchased Cost (£)
2005 17 1,700
2006 14 1,000
2007 13 1,600
2008 19 1,700
2009 17 1,200

The Royal Parks' Christmas trees are purchased each year from sustainable sources within the United Kingdom, through its nursery contractor. They include those placed in offices, playgrounds, memorial gardens, outside in the parks, in catering outlets and those passed on to other stakeholders. Some of these costs are therefore recharged to contractors. All the trees are disposed of as part of the Royal Parks' green waste recycling scheme. "

But what of Sion's own expense costs as a MP ? - they did not come out too quickly did they ? The Daily Mail reported on them though ... Take a look below .. It's just as well we did a little research about our office dog Piddlekwik and his piss taking on Royal Christmas Trees.

We feel we have improved all readers mental health by making them smile too ... UBT UserWatch Behavioural Therapy is free, and we do not take expenses from the public.

£21000 Owed by SION SIMON MP

Credit goes to the Daily Mail
Dec 18th 2009 Edition.


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