Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mental Health Irish Petition Against ECT Without User Consent


ECT : Electro Convulsive Therapy has been controversial for some time and has attracted opposition to it in most countries .. Mind Freedom in the US has campaigned against its use in the case of Ray Sandford

Now there's an Irish Petition : (CLICK HERE)

We the undersigned support the deletion of section 59b of the Irish Mental Health Act 2001 which relates to the involuntary use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

Section 59b presently states:

(b) where the patient is unable or unwilling to give such consent—

(i) the programme of therapy is approved (in a form specified by the Commission) by the consultant psychiatrist responsible for the care and treatment of the patient, and

(ii) the programme of therapy is also authorised (in a form specified by the Commission) by another consultant psychiatrist following referral of the matter to him or her by the first-mentioned psychiatrist.

Please note that this Bill and this petition does not interfere with the right of people to choose to have ECT administered if that is their wish.

ECT is not a therapy in any sense that a patient is consciously in charge of a consciously led and gradual process resolving mental health problems.

Its a process of shocking the brain and arguably blocking off depression and its causes, and replaces depression with a degree of memorylessness with little further access into what is causing the depression .....

Its like an electrical amputation of part of the Self .. Some people may wish it though so finally even as the Irish petition notes, there has to be a choice
Seeing people after ECT is often like seeing "zombed" out selves that re-awake into the present ...

When underlying causes pressure consciousness again for connection into meaning, albeit disturbing meaning sometimes and depression again ensues a person in charge of the patient (under Irish law ) could seek a second opinion to repeat the pattern of "therapy" ...

The corners of old psychiatric practice and tools of degrees of emotional butchery of the Self still exist campaigners believe .

How many of you have seen people ultimately benefit from ECT ? Perhaps a very few .

I have seen people seriously lose memory and personal time because of this process . I have known of people claim of being forced into ECT process and I have known those who had ECT face the demons of memory under their psychiatric "depressions " and render the ECT practice , for them , obselete.

The compression of the emotionally damaged self and denial of it will always create "depression" as an emotional after effect .. Electrical shocks can keep it at bay too but actually it needs connecting back into its own human story , where it can grieve and wail out its distorted and unravelling story of pain and then grow the acceptance that life is terribly terribly flawed .....

Sadness is not an evil. Sadness is the Self collecting its own brand of accepted wisdom.

Psychic pain though has to be treated carefully when processed into human connection and there's the rub , there's the real problem across western cultures in so far as we need more practitioners of restoration of the human narrative and therapy supply that enables the Self to emotionally grieve into acceptance its damages ..

That costs money . But unless we pay, it will cost part of our cultures paying in illness we never listened to deeply enough ..

Many will stay ill of mind because part of their mind is not allowed to be integrated back into the personal-Self ..


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