Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mental Health Social Exclusion By Services and Users Inside Selective Inclusion

A Podcast Digi Film For Tommy Rose Who Committed Suicide 2008

Fuller comments on Tommy and his funeral is on Mandy's Lifeboat Appeal Blog

Tommy was a mental health User with multiple selves and a unique disposition according to Mandy one of our UK colleagues .. He died at least partly because the mental health systems around him are still contexts of social exclusion even when they claim the opposite, and even when other Users involved in those systems with some advantages they appear to selectively include themselves whilst excluding others ...Let the Podcast speak out about this in its basic and raw way ..

See Also A Soul Chant For Tommy And Those Like Him Below



mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Thanks for posting this and for paying tribute to Tommy.

He was a fine man with a big heart and the world is a bit more in the dark shade without him.


PatientGuard said...

You are welcome Mandy . Tommy was one of us ...An individual within the waves of changes that suit only those that surf with services staff and octopal agencies ...

We should remember him and those that are yet to be like him and we should speak out - its all we can do ..