Monday, November 27, 2006

The Tragedies Of Justin Murphy Died Aged 13 & Darren Bardsley

A written commentary given to the UserWatch correspondent "PatientGuard" :

"I live in the working class locality where Justin Murphy aged 13 was killed by a hit and run driver who was apparently on Heroin...My partner goes to the Church where so many have been upset and have showed emotional solidarity with the family of the dead child . I've done a picture of sorts as an artist (left) - I feel so moved .

With a history of stealing cars Darren Bardsley aged 32 , father of two kiddies , in the same locality was caught and was sentenced just recently to 8 years .. He had 13 previous convictions....

I cannot join in the usual condemnation . I just can't . I'll tell you why .. I've monitored in a role at statutory level the mental health outcomes and services in North Birmingham UK I have also seen first hand the incredibly harsh and deprived way some kids are brought up to become absolute misfits ....

I've seen a growth in this country of the middle classes and their chances and wealth and their hand wringing often bullshit rationed policies that miss the localities . Ours is one of them - we have poor services .

A policemen nationally put forward the view that its cheaper to supply methadone every year to people dependent on Heroin and more rehab practices because addicts are costing on average £48000 per annum in the UK in lost property to the community ..Holland and the Swiss are leaders in this thinking with successful practice .

I have a razor eye about this and what is true is we had better get real about treating society's misfits because the costs are too high if they are imprisoned or on the loose . Pragmatism says we help them therapeutically find another way of life or face the tragedies to come and the cycle of our own impotent social angers.

God Bless Justine Murphy Aged 13 , The two young children and partner of Darren Bardsley and Darren himself for being who he is that has to alter .. "

See the story about Justin Murphy : HERE

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