Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Adult Survivors Sexual Abuse Forum Meeting In Wolverhampton

Userwatch hears the Sexual Abuse conference meeting for adult survivors on Thursday November 9th went well in Wolverhampton and aproximately 55 people attended it .

Jackie Sharrat sexual abuse co-ordinator at the Wolverhampton PCT has produced a thoughtful booklet ( See story HERE ) on how professionals like dentists , doctors, hairdressers and opticians can be helped to be more sensitive to adults who are easily triggered into old trauma feelings . Userwatch will be appraising this booklet when it receives a copy ..

Userwatch can report that it has a copy of a statement from Michele Elliot Director of Kidscape the charity that is involved in prevention of abuse and bullying of Children. Michele edited a book in the past which dealt with issues suffered by adult survivors :

Michele says of Jackie Sharrat's ideas :

"I welcome Jackie's Initiative and only wish there were more like it throughout the country . Adult survivors are a much neglected group and there are so many issues that continue to arise that support is vital . Well done Jackie ! "

Userwatch has heard from several cases in Birmingham of adult survivors of child abuse getting no therapy treatment at all appropriate to helping them with their emotional pain . So its hats off to Wolverhampton for raising the issue meanwhile in Birmingham we await independent Users-reports of useful experiences of therapy for resolving long term emotional pain caused by child abuses of various sorts ..


Anonymous said...

It is like finding a lifeboat in a sea full of sharks.

I commend this forum and hope it breaks the mould and gives the support, appropriately structured, for those who need or want it and doesn't get lost in another sea of bureaucracy.

Gotta be worth trying.

Good luck

Mandy a Lifeboat fan

PatientGuard said...

I am trying to help Jackie get going on the Wolverhampton Blog I have set up because I think its an important issue that Adults are given a chance for therapeutic support into their lives that will undoubtably be reactivated into more triggered pain - its a simple condition of the longer terms effect of some who have been abused . She has the right attitude and I hope she can get the okay from her committee of Users and providers to co-admin the blog ..

PatientGuard said...

And thanks Mandy