Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Horns Of Dilemma In Coventry (£3 a day Cuts Proposals)

Userwatch asks : What is a council to do in Coventry especially when its run by Tories and there are cuts to make . We continue the COVENTRY CUTS STORY HERE..

So off to the officers you go and ask them to identify where cuts in services can be made and mixed within social inclusion New Labour independence-loving social logics ..

Everyone does their job ..

And gets paid ..

After all they are the managers...

And the paid Councillors who happen to be the opposition party really do want "Social Inclusion" a Labour social-logic equation to take hold in Coventry .. Ofcourse they do ....

Yes , they would not wish it to fail would they in a complex but inverted policy of undermining it by overapplication of it too swiftly hoping it might rub off onto the Govt ? Oh . what are we on about , that's too machiavellian......Although the Govt does appear rather Tory anyway and anti working-class .....Sorry we mean "Workless Class"

Yet the proposals to cut £3 a day , to in the main inarticulate people , gets put forward so lets have a look at the consultation story at CROW recycling in Coventry partly supported by Social Care services where the savings of £3k a year were identified in amongst a broad attempt to cut 2 million in Coventry services costs ..

Userwatch is in receipt of the following time line for consultation at CROW recycling :

It is reported to us that on the 24th October a letter was received from the Senior Learning Disabilities manager (SEE HERE FOR SOME OF THE TEAM) about the council's intentions to "modernise" - (the new word for "cuts" )

Service Users at CROW recycling got the letter on the 26th October ..

A meeting for parents and carers was then arranged on the 27th October

By the 31st the full Council Cabinet put for the proposals for cuts which included £3 a day for Users at CROW recycling

Its is estimated that this was about 5 working days .....

Userwatch thinks this part of the process was rushed and should have involved more talks at the Centre level with Users and Carers ......

Userwatch has received information about requests to understand the consultation processes at Coventry :

From a source writing to Coventry Services :

"1) What consultation took place with service users and their carers prior to the report to Cabinet on 31 October 06?

Response: We are consulting now - no decisions have yet been taken – the outcomes of the consultation will be feedback to Cabinet on 12 December 2006.

2) What exactly is the PCT's role in the provision of Coventry's LD service?

Response: Coventry Teaching PCT is now a commissioner of services. Specialist Learning Disability Mental Health services is now part of the Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust.

Health Community Learning Disability services remains as part of Coventry Teaching PCT pending further service developments. The service is not a single integrated health and social care service. It is only partially integrated – e.g. social workers/nurses in community learning disabilities team. There are, however, Joint commissioning arrangements.

3) Is there a Section 31 agreement between Coventry City Council and Coventry Teaching Primary Care Trust for Learning Disability services?

Response: There is a Section 31 Agreement in relation to Learning Disabilities Development Fund – this is a small budget for development – it is not a commissioning or service budget.

4) To what extent does the close working on Learning Disability between Coventry
City Council and Coventry Teaching Primary Care Trust imply a "section 11" Health and Social Care Act duty to consult demonstrably?

Response: We do not consider that there is a Section 11 requirement to consult demonstrably. That said, we are currently consulting and the outcomes of those consultations will be reported through a transparent democratic process. We also take the view that LAs have better track record in consultating on change and that a Section 11 duty (or similar directive) is not required.

5) Could you explain the nature of the involvement of the PCT with CROW ( an NHS body )

Response: CROW is a charitable organisation with a range of funding streams. The Council contracts with it for work based training as outlined in the Cabinet Report . There is no PCT involvement with CROW.

6) Would you please inform what Social Cares involvement is with the PCT broadly
and on the 'Coventry Partnership Board'

Response: There are extensive partnership arrangements with the primary Care Trust from the Coventry Partnership at a strategic city level to joint working in specific social care areas. There are partnership boards for Older People, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Children and Young People and Physical and Sensory Impairment. Further information can be gained from the Coventry City Council Website where there are links to the Coventry Partnership and a number of the other partnerships .. "

The asking of these questions also provoked another rather astonishing response which was added as this in a seperate letter Userwatch has seen :

"Please note that most of the information that you request is owned by the Coventry City Council and subject to copyright protection. Under the Re-Use of Public Sector Information 2005 Regulations you are free to use this information for your own use or for the purposes of news reporting. However, any other type of re-use under the Regulations, for example; publication of the information or circulation to the public, will require permission of the copyright owner and may be subject to terms and conditions. For documents where the copyright does not belong to Coventry City Council you will need to apply separately to the copyright holder.

If you wish to apply to reuse the information you have requested or have any other issues
relating to this request please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you are unhappy with the way the Coventry City Council has handled your request, you may ask for an internal review. Please contact the Information Governance Team, who will arrange an internal review of your case. "

Hmmmmm.....A Review ? Userwatch senses more horns and angle mangles in that process ...Perhaps dungeons and torture still exist in Coventry ? Ahhh bureacracy is so lovely isn't it ?

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