Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Slowly The HealthWatch Axe Falls On LINks



Local Authority Viking Raiders Raise The HealthWatch Axe

Some Local Involvement Networks (LINks) in the UK have evolved to do some partly useful monitoring of patient services while others have danced about and posed daintily .....Okay Daintily is what many have done with pinky sugars on too . Sugar coated monitoring has occurred and it only means too much of the NHS service has waltzed about with shitty knickers on which were not bum wiped ....Maybe HealthWatch will have bigger magnifying glasses - LINKs telescopes appears to have been quite weak and too distantly positioned .....

Daintily is useful though, for sneaky L.A. Vikings who realise a quick swipe here and there means disposing of muscle and putting onto a sharpened stick the scalp and talking heads that might be left over ... Beware the L.A. vikings they are a-sailing and want a ritualistic life made from lappy and lippy dancing ... 1066 is sort of back and we are in for a yawning change .


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