Monday, December 27, 2010

Ice Sculptured The Art Of NHS Freezing Pay


HSJ Mogger Spots NHS Ice Sculpture xxx

Toon by Art De Rivers Dec 2010

The Rivers art lot of multiple cheekonalities have been at it again .... It appears on the icy horizon that new ice sculptures have been crafted and the NHS slave staffies are in wobble and slip mode as the whip winds of frozen pay (in return for no compulsory redundancies) get closer and closer ..

See : Nursing Times Article

How will it affect Service Users ? Longer waiting times , concealed "waiting lists" and anything to look efficient while misery increases ..

Now maybe the Bankers need ckuffinwell burning or at least nitrogen-freezing with being chilled out on all bonuses for years ......

Still , take a good look at what we did nationally for 30 years - denuded export capacity , gave way to middle class illusions of admin work for all , or pushing supermarket trolleys. We social engineered social engineers of everyone who socially engineered everyone else - supported head-ucation head-ucation - head-ucation and became UK-unreal and made ckuf all for others to purchase that would earn our way in the world .

Germany in the EU actually preserved its industrial base though while we, riddled with old hate for the mucky busted up basic dog (now welfare) classes, start to cannibalise their disabled futures .....

Who should get back to export led real-work ? The middle classes and their expanded Blair aspirers .


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