Monday, May 11, 2009

Wealthy Healthy Ministers Claim Jam Galore In UK Pots

By Art De Rivers UK

(Credit to Health Service Journal - Sally Gainsbury)

Mr Sterling Pound tends to magically tempt people , you know a bit like MP's - into expensive sweet jampots where they may get stuck - especially if the jam is a bit sticky and belongs to a shared pot of fair spreads for all ..

Nothing tempts children like having another mouthful of someone else's jam . MP's are similar to children although children may later form protest groups about this scurrilous statement ..
The MP's expenses and jammy fallout is making a few Parliamentary Pigures - sorry Figures into greedy little bees... Jamsucking away ..And the proof has been gathered by well crafted Journo-netters. The Telegraph has led on the MP expenses claims stories and others have piled in with their angles .

Over to Sally Gainsbury - a lovely Netter - of Health Service Journal UK

"Health ministers and MPs on the shadow health team are among those named and shamed by The Daily Telegraph’s exposé of MP expenses claims.

The biggest claimant among the health ministers was care services minister Phil Hope, who the newspaper says claimed £83,654 between 2004-05 and 2007-08, much of it on furniture and renovations to his London flat, including a new kitchen and wooden flooring."

And of Andrew Lansley -- now known as : "Jamdrew" , Sally ace Jam Netter of the HSJ reports :

"The newspaper [Telegraph] does not mention whether or not Conservative shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley jointly owned his Cambridgeshire cottage and London flat with his wife. However, it says his total £78,370 claims included the cost of decorating the cottage, which he later sold for £433,000, shortly before he transferred second home status to his London flat.

Mr Lansley denies the implication he “flipped” his residence to exploit the expenses system, which allows MPs to claim up to £24,222 a year to cover the costs of rent, interest payments and running costs on their designated second homes."

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