Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UK Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey Launched May 27th 2009

By Art De Rivers NowPublic.Com - UK Mental Health Story

Kate Logan of Gateshead passed away in 2007 and her friends spanned the UK and parts of the world. Kate had Borderline Personality Disorder . That disorder, where attachments and insecurity become exaggerated features of inner life, and where the pain of that inner life is like tortured fires burning the soul of a red razor walker - and it can kill .

Kate took pills in 2007 and died . The full Coroners report is not yet out and her NHS Trust reportedly appear to have been very very slow in yielding all the information up for consideration .
Her friends and those close to her, felt she had little treatment of any worth .. In fact some believe inadequate treatment and the poor behaviour by the NHS contributed to her death
Her friends kept her memory alive Online glittering in a carmine memory-pink logo - which in its own way says "Farewell , we will remember you " and some have tried to form a way forwards to help others - partly in her memory . This has taken the shape of Online harbour of some friendship in forums .
Yet forums too are often an expression of the powerlessness in which there are echoes of an abandoning UK NHS system which creates little therapeutic growth and containment and leaves it to the world's winds . Perhaps now a survey spark has lit some extra hope.
Its this overall sad context that inspired the Online UK wide survey to capture key information about UKUser-Satisfaction with the NHS services.
Its time more Users owned the right to measure the services back . Its a first perhaps, and is a small step forwards on the UK feeling of social and services moons of Personality Disordered abandonment.

And many do complain they are abandoned to no help , no therapy , no emotional resolutions to things like child abuse and the pain of it - to being heard out more fully ..Theirs is a life of struggle to be heard from long ago....
The Survey embraces not only Personality Disorder but Borderline PD and PTSD and Complex PTSD as well as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) ..

All appear to be undernourished parts of the spectrum of human differentness - without much help - this channel will keep you posted .

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