Friday, February 27, 2009

Mental Health and NHS PLONKS Scrutiny Org Is Set Up

A Story Of Upside-Down "Re-engagement"

"Its fantastic ! "

- Barked one local would-be PLONKER .

"Now we have a chance to join the NHS orientated PLONKS . We'll be able to eat great food at last and have "juicy-meatings"..."

We tried to tell these oodling prospectives that Patient and Public Involvement Forums pre March 2008 had been poor to middling bone chasers and scrutineers of local health systems. We tried to say that Local Involvement Networks had now taken over and were busily engaged in scratching or doing somethings nobody can quite see into ... But who gives a sniff anyway ..

Once again the politically orientated DOH and the Govt are trying it on by creating new "Patient and Public orgs in an effort to close the large "engagement" gap of the grand canyon yawning public.

The public respond best to being able to be directly empowered and the NHS is not at all empowering of state assisted Patient Choice which is the only true democratising quality driver of health supply ..

For Labour the preservation of bureacracy at the expense of health has been experienced by many mental health Users ... These Users are not the ego-poodle class though ... Their barks are lost or are drugged into social oblivion .. Their kennel provinces been taken over too by others who wear underdog fur over poodle-class attitudes ..

There's always some like this - actually there is quite a lot . Personal Success is equatable in the mental health service economy to being unreal, bureaucratic and inauthentic and preserving bureaucratic power and getting false jobs that fleece real Patient Choice as a deeper reality ..

The real problem is that being Individual in a neo fascist service state service economy is seen as the enemy and yet services are best negotiated by individuals outside of monopoly supply ..

For the next few years PLONKS will be barking here and there .. And in one way or another we are all part it .. We are passive scratchingly mostly active democratically paradoxed plonkers .. The Gov't set the agenda and mass kennel context ....... The DOH just get rich on it so do others in the NHS where the top is poodled and trained to look very very sweet and pampered ..


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