Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UK MP's To Block FOIA Transparency Into Expenses


To Avoid Expenses Accountability



We interrupt your normal email alert for an important message

On the 16th of May 2008 the High Court ruled that MPs' expenses
must be published under the Freedom of Information Act.

This Thursday, MPs are voting to change the law to keep their
expenses secret after all, just before publication was due and
after spending nearly a million of your pounds and seven months
compiling the data.

Your MP may not even know about this proposal (it was sneaked out
under the Heathrow runway announcement). Please take a few
minutes to alert them to this attack on Parliamentary
transparency and ask them to vote against the measure.

The outcome of this vote will be prominently displayed on every
MP's page until after the next General Election.

What can you do?

* Write to your MP to protest:

* Join this Facebook group:

* Blog about it, call a local newspaper - our unfinished site
http://news.mysociety.org/ might help; text, email, and instant
message your friends to let them know that about this campaign.

Read more detail about mySociety's thoughts on this issue.

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