Monday, June 30, 2008

New Mental Health Condition Arises Around NHS 60th Birthday

Cartoon by KAKATOO June 30th 2008

A Pre-Mare is really a nightmare that is going to happen . Certain Mental Health Users who were deeply affected by Snowy and Tin Tin adventures are capable of seeing many Pre-Mare's - in fact some claim they draw them ....This we claim is actually a new label over an old condition possibly known as wisdom . At UserWatch we like "evidence based" material...A bit like the NHS really and WAHOO KAKATOO has sketched evidence of some sort here above in one of his Pre-marish night-art states ....

Its obvious what will happen to Joe Public disguised as Tin Tin ...The growing Corporo-dis-services with pound note logo's on their Elvis like dancing trousers will on July 5th 2008 , 60 years after a dream was installed in Britain, give him a real heavy balling ....Some people call this "Deep Fekkerdisation" .....

Snowy was always destined for the boneyard in a green world where even Tin Tin's face reflects the Corporo emerald city .......A new wizard is in town too ! YESSSSS :


WOWWWWWWEEEE...........We love it when cartoons and fantasies become cross organisational and New Labour can guarantee the unmet needs show will leave you weighted down , balled and in an absolute DARZ ...


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