Friday, November 02, 2007

Meanwhile In the United Bad Mind States

Film Made by A Birmingham Mental Health User - A true Bindian

Corporate global interests and the insanity of all of cultural practices is of course the extra hell setting for most poor extra marginalised folk who happen to be disabled of mind or emotions... The best part of it though is (at least partly) that States (including the UK) are like bad "States of Mind" that are unwilling to see what they do to others and how they create marginalisation and victimisation in others ... UserWatch will be back on this theme more locally soon after we digest the massive changes that are happening in the UK and local settings driven by financial bullshit and the preservation of anti patient choice bureaucracy. One thing is for sure the USA with its preference for system delivery of "behaviouristic" mechanical approaches has infected this country .. And boy did the charity-cavalries and David Freud's anti welfare approach charge in to scalp the wild living Bindians .... Yes there are still Bindians out there . They will be tamed though by work and Sigmund Freud's merchant banker descendent.

Its a venal"stalking cure" by the post victorian-shadowed rich middle classes favoured by the current politics we have ..What else was Tony Blair though but a shiny smile over victorian dark shadows of the "workarses" ....


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