Sunday, August 19, 2007

Team Says Mount NeverCare is Unclimb-able In Birmingham UK Range

Its fascinating to watch people climb ..

Sort of : "Go up the walls"

Asking desperately for "ALP"

And nothing is icier than access to Direct Payments (DP) which are supposed to be in place to help Mental Health (MH) Users get rid of the yoke of Top Down controlled local services which do not always fit them.

DP's are supposed to be awarded in lieu of (Social Care MH) services already assessed as being needed - so Users take control of their budget for choosing their own supply of these....

Userwatch in talking to some Birmingham MH Users notes that many point to the brave corpses that eventually come out in the melt of the NHS glacier - or those left in frozen screams of part attempts to get out of crevasses - yes they attempted to scale the slidey service climb for "ALP"

We are looking to get figures of uptake of the Direct Payments dream in Birmingham and although the latest figures of uptake in MH are available in the Commission For Social Care Inspectorate CSCI report "NO Choice NO Voice" of 2007 they have nevertheless been suitably aggregated for local authority anonymity so far ....Yes so far ...

And , we aim to help change that lack of transparency because we are aware that only ONE Birmingham MH User in 2005 was claiming Direct Payments and that is virtually irresponsible of the Social Care MH services and their slippery un-integrated un-ALP-ful ways with the main MH population in the city residing across the false border of "Healthcare" which appewars to rob them of DP help..

We are sorry to take the piss a bit - its a bad picture across the country too although the rhetoric from the politicians still reverberating in the chambers ... Really its so sad you have to take the piss , or go under with frozen despair. Is there a mount NeverCare in Birmingham UK ? Yes ... Its in the souls of MH Users and their long experience of cleverised nothingness and long drops at the hands of many MH career professionals ...

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