Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Independent Living

Statement from Jack Ashley, MP, as posted on the Disability Rights Commission site:

Throughout my parliamentary career, I have fought for all disabled people to have the same choice, dignity, freedom and control as every other citizen. These are the central principles of ‘Independent Living’.

Independent Living is not simply disabled people doing everything for themselves. It means ensuring that disabled people have the same freedom to choose as every other citizen and are supported in that choice, in order that they may lead the lives they want to lead.

Independent living is having the opportunity to enjoy family life and participate in all the everyday activities which non-disabled people take for granted.

While the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and its later revisions have strengthened the civil rights of disabled people, other laws – particularly community care legislation – have put too many barriers in the way of independent living.

I want to use the power of Parliament to bring in new legislation which will sweep away these barriers and make independent living a reality for all disabled people. I am working with the Disability Rights Commission, who have helped me draft and consult on the necessary measures. I will start the campaign by introducing the 'Disabled Persons (Independent Living) Bill’ to parliament on Thursday 8 June.

You can learn more about the Bill and the barriers it sets out to tackle on this website.

I hope that I can count on your support.

Yours truly,

Lord Jack Ashley

For more details on the Independant Living Bill please click on the Disability Rights Commission link on http://mandylifeboatsahoy1.blogspot.com. It is also easy to access via the internet.

Personally, I am rather sick of retoric but do think Lord Ashley does his best to support disabled people. Sadly, he is in a minority in parliament and the government we have is more about wasting money on paying middle and senior management to talk the talk whilst doing fekk all to actually help people living with disabilities.

A bit like these Direct Payments. I want to know who actually gets them, because all I have heard so far is that people have tried to access them and been denied. As I said on another website, I think they are an Urban Myth. You hear alot about them but there is no evidence that they exist.

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