Monday, January 15, 2007

LINKASSO MAN IS NETTED...(By Himself Probaby)

In Birmingham and further afield LINks are being discussed amongst PPI members and interested parties.

Quite what shape LINks will finally take as they emerge from Government dreamtime is anyone's guess. Whilst it appears they may have rights to inspect health premises - this might be a right narrowed down because "rights to visit" is one of the ways in which patients can be met and some PPI members know NHS Trusts see that as a danger of transparency . For all the talk of "patient democracy" what many have seen on the PPI's is their nobbling by fragmentation and by poor background adminstrative support mechanisms from CPPIH . In mental health there have been no extra supports such as special support groups from patient members. There appears to have been an almost deliberate slow take up of understanding of Section 11 patient & public consultation rights too by Trusts and Social Care bodies in the so called "joined up" mental health sphere ..

At least the questions about LINks shapes are being asked though and are being Hansarded From our source (Ms. RM) we learn :

John Baron (Billericay Conservative) 8th Jan 2007 :

Asks the Secretary of State for Health what the statutory basis is for the establishment of early adopter local involvement networks as set out in her Department's response to the consultation A stronger local voice; and if she will make a statement :

To which Rosie Winterton Sec of state for health answered :

The early adopter sites do not have a statutory basis. We are working with the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health, the Healthcare Commission, the NHS Centre for Involvement and local stakeholders to build on their experience of involvement by looking at the structures required to empower and support local community engagement in health and social care, to help develop Local Involvement Networks

Also on the same day :

David Drew (Stroud Labour) asked :

The Secretary of State for Health when the model contract on the role for local involvement networks and their relationships with local authorities will be set out.

To which she answered :

The Government response document to "A Stronger Local Voice", published on Monday 11 December, provides some detail about the proposed model contract between local authorities and the hosts of Local Involvement Networks. This contract is being developed with the involvement of stakeholders and will be consulted upon in the new year. The Government response document to "A Stronger Local Voice" is available in the Library and can be found at the following website address:

(This was not available ! )

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