Monday, January 29, 2007

In The Shoah The Mentally Ill Were The First Jews

Its a few days ago now when human consciousness in parts of the world dwelled once again on remembering the catastrophic trauma SHOAH of the loss of millions of jews at the hands of the Nazis ...

So easily did parts of the SS and adminstrative german classes design new ways to burn bodies or gas them, and the first chosen were those with mental illness or mental deficiences ..

The world it seems makes a great difficulty sometimes of creating full witness to its misdeeds to others. Beyond the jews, our history if full of our sins and misdeeds towards our own kind . NO-one is free of that shadow. We are all flawed.

In mental health we are still treating people with discernible historical trauma's with drugs. We are still anti-narrative in the sense that there is a lack of supply of therapy for the human condition in its extremer experiences that become leftover as damaging states .

There are however some human beings who cannot let the idea of personal and shared witness die away without rescuing what went wrong .

To hold the vision of how and why we do wrongs to others is to hold a hope that from history we learn how to manage futures better.

Its a lesson that every family should learn and every clinician, psychitatrist , psychotherapist should also be a human historian that sees the human being as constructed and damaged by relationships in history rather than relationships between chemicals alone .

(In memory also of the 200,000 with Mental Health Issues first chosen to be killed by the Nazi's..)

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