Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How Suicides And Records In Birmingham Reshape Themselves

UserWatch has learned that the Birmingham Coroner brought four serious untoward incidents (SUI's) to the attention of the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust Board on 15th November 2006.

UserWatch hears that a Birmingham contact is trying to clarify what kind of incidents these were . They are likely to have been suicides but suicides are classified as out-patient and in-patient (and in receipt of treatment and not in receipt of treatment)

The BSMHT Board notes of Nov. 2006 read : "


The committee received a progress report in relation to the review of Serious Untoward Incidents. The report highlighted that there had been four incidents which were only subsequently identifed through the coroner. The committee has requested further review of how these incidents had been recorded and reviewed to ensure that adequate procedures are in place to identify and monitor all potential serious untoward incidents. "

People in Birmingham may recall Alison Dayani's (Birmingham Mail) article on the late Neil Duggan in earlier in 2006 which importantly showed up shoddy record keeping .

"May 6 2006

By Alison Dayani, Birmingham Mail

AN investigation has been launched over claims that nurses falsified notes and failed to carry out vital checks following the apparent suicide of a mental health patient. Health bosses are looking into allegations that nurses filled out medical records saying they had seen Neil Duggan and checked on him - hours after he was already dead.

The 27-year-old jumped in front of a train at Olton station at 3.47pm on Sunday, March 19. "

UserWatch has had these figures below passed on for your interest in this sad subject . They were obtained originally from the Birmingham Coroner's office .

"2000 - Suicide Male 66 - Female 22 - Open Verdicts Male 43 - Female 19
2001 - Sorry no figures at all the computer had a migraine
2002 - Suicide Male 33 - Female 3 - Open Verdicts Male 41 - Female 12
2003 - Suicide Male 18 - Female 3 - Open Verdicts Male 34 - Female 18
2004 - Suicide Male 27 - Female 5 - Open Verdicts Male 29 - Female 13
2005 - Suicide Male 33 - Female 7 - Open Verdicts Male 35 - Female 13

Hope this is OK - Remember that when all the jigsaw does not fit for suicide the Coroner will record an open verdict. Also, remember that not all the Open Verdicts figures are suicide. Also, the Coroner could have a narrative verdict ie; killed themselves whilst depressed, unfortunately I do not have these figures. "

From the Birmingham & Black Country Strategic Health Authority the figures for (SUI's) suicides recordable by BSMHT in the period 1st Feb 2005 - 16th May 2006 were :

Suicide 6
Suicide (In receipt) 1
Suicide by Outpatient (in receipt) 16
Suicide by Outpatient (not in rec) 2

Total : = 25

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