Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Charitocracy And Pigma Dreams In the UK

Userwatch, bouncing off that cheeky cartoon title suggested by WAHOO KAKATOO the satirical toonist, learns that the proposed National Network of Networks of mental health groups that met in Birmingham in 2006 has certainly gobbled up 500k of Comic Relief chances for many localities and some Service User opportunities to have created some of their own practice and local networks in those localities.

Slowly some mental health Service Users have been trying to get themselves together in various parts of the Country but how many lost opportunities will exist now or be diverted as a result of one group getting 500k ?

At lease one criticism Userwatch is aware of is Comic Relief might have concentrated its efforts on getting more 5k grants out to local Mental Health Service Users .

We hear now that the network comprising of a planning group were at a meeting on 18th October 2006 in London .

Liz Abrahams (Catch a fiya)
Karol Bradbury (MIND Link)
Tina Braithwaite (Richmond Fellowship)
Tina Coldham
David Crepaz Keay (Mental Health Foundation)
Matt Gregory (Revolvers)
Rob Henderson (Mental Health Matters)
Dominic Makavachuma Walker (Catch a Fiya)
Shannon O Neil (MIND)
Jude Sellan (Young Minds)

WE also note Anne Beales From Together (Charity) and Jan Wallcraft (SURGE) were not at the meeting although they are involved with this initiative .

The Group are after another 250k from the Tudor Trust - most of the figures named here are from charity organisations with a few Service Users Groups and there is a fear amongst Service Users more widely who know about this initiative, that the Charity sector will cast a substantial self interested shadow and over affairs in the proposed NNN Group.

There are many fears being voiced about the lack of democracy inherent in the design of the NNN so far of what was supposed to be the start of a National Service Users Movement sponsored by Mental Health Foundation and the Trustees of that Charity as a future thrust .

(SEE ALSO Mary Ohara's Article/BLOG on Jonathon Naess Nov 2007 )

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Useful Links ref "Social Enterprise Evolution"


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