Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A political Di-oxide Policy is causing Mental Health Service Users in the UK to get even warmer and some say boiling . A service-choking government policy some Users say , is slowly throttling the services in the UK. The result is "User-Rage"...

It expresses itself in many ways and appears to be less of an intrinsic condition and more of a genuine expression of cumulative service poverty and unmet need .

Userwatch has heard now from several Users in Birmingham , and further afield who are not part of the cherry picked groups that can all gas off together - in a relatively passive atmosphere ofcourse.

Division is all in the U.K. with its class structures that are reflected in all walks of life . The mental health system is no different and its better services are claimed by the more self empowered Middle Class , some Users claim .

An article by a Journalist in 2005 working for "psychminded" , wrote about therapy services in Birmingham and highlighted the disparity of a type of family therapy treatment resource between the more middle class areas of nearby Olton and others areas of Birmingham which the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust has included within its entire service province.

Some Users In Birmingham and further afield cannot get advocacy for claiming benefits or even creating letters because they cannot write as part of their condition. Some claims they need this kind of help to respond back to clinical mis-targeting of their needs ..

Mental Health charities appear to be part of the problem now in the UK. with their eyes on becoming larger and more corporate and receiving more grants . Often Users claim these charities are seeking to create smooth images of representation of Users while agreeing with Govt on policies which are blunt on employment and therapy needs .

A backlash of sorts is happening in the UK. Slowly insight and experience of hopes for better services is being dashed and is gathering force but in the UK most social forces are overcome and socially muffled quite quickly.

The question is will "User Warming" and its symptomatic rage alter UK Government Di-oxide Policy. It all depends on the strength of social gales and how many there are in the next year or so ..User Rage is real enough though , and its been created by social contradictions and some services that no longer meet needs ..

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Clare Horton said...

This week's Society Guardian supplement was a special edition, edited by social care service users - including people with mental health problems, people with learning disabilities, and those who misuse drugs and alcohol.

To complement the edition, we ran a further piece online looking at service user blogs in the UK, including this blog.

We hope that this will enable other people facing similar problems to access potential help and advice, as well as highlighting how the blogging community is self-supporting.