Friday, October 20, 2006

Birmingham Petition Pinches Aidens "Bottom Line"

In a cheeky copycat move by the organisers of the Birmingham UK petition for more local mental health patient democratic mechanisms of representation , one of the organisers a sympathiser of : Kiss It was determined to pinch Aiden's Shingler's "bottom line" for sheer joined-up cheek ..

The organisers explained :

"There is a UK wide and local need to support more action and more autonomous patient voices generated from the bottom-up not the new Top-down mental health hierarchies , because for all the fine rhetoric from the new architects of modernisation , the old controlling mentalities still exist in the NHS bureacracies. Patient power is depressed and even oppressed by in house partnerships with the NHS . We want to see Patient's having independent voices that are not suppressed by the NHS bureacracies . "

Aiden's 1000 signature petition against psychiatric violation was delivered to No 10 on August 10th 2006 and reported by Userwatch below (or see archive) on Oct 8th . The new "Cheeky" crossed bottom gesture originated by Aiden is to "Kiss my Axx" . Bottom Up power has arrived !

On the 20th Oct 2006 the organisers of the Birmingham UK 123 signature petition hand delivered it to the offices of Birmingham M.P. Dr Lynne Jones who sits on the all party mental health sub committee. Copies of the petition have been sent so far to the Independent Regulator "Monitor" of NHS Foundation Trust applicants , and the local Council's Statutory Health Overview Scrutiny Committee . The organisers plan to send a copy to the local Statutory Patient & Public Involvement Forum too and send information to a mental health resource group at Birmingham University UK .

The petition header reads :

"We the undersigned understand that the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust is not planning to have a patient constituency in its proposals for Foundation Status. We feel there should be a separate patient constituency from which representatives can be drawn . We also feel the current in house User Voice mechanisms at the Trust must become completely independent of the Trust and made accountable to a wide patient membership base… "


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Dear B&S MHU,

So now I know what your backside looks like. Ha! Ha!

Like the linkage to "Kiss It" petition.

Good luck with the local one.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Don't tell me...Me name's not down and I'm not coming in.

Such a pretty site too. Love the arty stuff.

PatientGuard said...

I think the Aiden stunt is very funny and it could also be converted to the "Bottom-Up" Campaign ...

Let face it we really are treated like asses in MH and the power structures mirror only centre-ist ways ..

I'm astonished at the way some professionalised Users are using MH as a cash cow for themselves ..The patient on the ground is as disempowered as ever and the services are not patient led at all ..That is a farce..