Saturday, September 30, 2006


Rumours circulate about there being more therapy supply in Birmingham UK . What is so far the case Userwatch has learned from NHS Board papers is there is a patchy supply across the city.

The local NHS Trust say they : "are recruiting" ....

Strangely enough Userswatch knows they were doing that in 2003-4 and 2005 too. Its also been aware of there only being half a psychologist for use in the north of the city around the impoverished Erdington Highcroft services .

Half a psychologist really means there is one shared between other areas of the city .. This ofcourse was how the triple merged NHS Trust from 2003 managed to balance its books and reduce debt . It simply kept a skeleton service . It had a quarter of of an O.T here or there instead of half or a full one etc .. At least it gives a more anchored meaning to the idea of a fragmented service .......

Some Service Users commented to Userwatch that the NHS Trust kept an intact enough top bureaucracy though and even recalled a "gambling night" revel held in 2004 at the Trust headquarters .

We digress though :

Rumours continue to circulate of there being some Cognitive Behavour Therapy ( CBT ) supply in Birmingham and the Local National Institute Mental Health in England , NIMHE now stationed in Birmingham recently advertised in their "e-letter" the new computerised CCBT for some Service Users to sit down and get their CBT lessons at so they can all get back to work.

No-one has yet said whether empathy-software has been added but Userwatch will report back if it discovers any information . Cognitive Behaviour Therapy claims it locates problems in patterns of thinking that it claims sets up negative patterns of feelings and behaviour.. Its mechanics depend on identifying thought triggers and replacing them with willpower and positive thoughts to avoid any reactivated negative feelings ..

One Service User commented to Userwatch :

"Why can't they do CCPT therapy , yes supplies of Compassionate Caring Patient Therapy would go down well with many of us and its frankly more human "

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