Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How Were Surrey Service Users Seen? Any Lessons For Birmingham?

Just how were the Surrey Service Users seen at the Garden Centre in Surrey which had £3 a day taken away from them in June 2006 only to have it promised for potential re-instatement (Sept 28th 2006 ) by the CEO of Surrey & Borders Partnerships Trust Fiona Edwards ?

Its clear that the Surrey Justice Blog :

(See index at right : "Surrey & Borders Trust Campaign")

Uncovered that there was a thrust to "externalise" services and to do so intially by denying dependent patients the £3 a day .

The original story by Joan Mulcaster (Trinity Mirror) claimed that the garden work would then be done by the patients for nothing ..

This is reminiscient of some kind of slavery some might argue .

What's also intriguing is the CEO's of Trust's happen to know each other often - so UserWatch hears on the grapevine. They clearly enjoy their lives of socially aranging others "treatment" fates .. So in Birmingham Userwatch wonders are there any lessons to be learned from Surrey ?

Have Users had monies taken away from them ? Have any suffered a real loss in monetary terms ? That's a position that needs looking into . UserWatch will report back with any news on that front when it comes in ...

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