Monday, September 07, 2009

A4E 's Brilliant Eye Patch Marketing Idea

A4E Cheek Practice Session On UserWatch

It started as a cold in the eye cure . "Action for Eyes" -

But Emma (Pictured above with a DWP Polly the Pollicy Parrot) realised there was money in other patches ........

It is rumoured she employed Golley and Slater the marketing firm at one stage to help A4E's expansion into pantomime jobs ..

We wish to point that Golley is no relation to "Golly" who used to be obtainable as badges from Robertsons Marmalade tokens before he was savagely accused of racism ..

At any rate with the help of Polly and Golley now Emma Harrison is sailing the UK dubloon infested welfare waters but we do not know if Spanish pirates are involved ..

Neither do we give credence to rumours that A4E is making people on welfare walk the plank, into the shark waters of the Bugger-all sea where the whales of a job do not exist ..

There is also no proof Emma is related to Long John Silver either - the eye patch is purely for medical reasons and we defend her right to wear it !!!!

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