Friday, July 10, 2009

Latest News : UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey Numbers (81)


By UserWatch Correspondents

Figures just in from the UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Online Survey show that 81 Service Users with part of the PD spectrum of problems have inputed into it .

The PD Spectrum includes "co-morbid" conditions like : Post Traumatic Stress , Complex Post Trauma, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorders.

The Independent User Led And Created Survey creates options for people to pick those PD spectrum descriptions which have been placed on them. It also asks them to identify NHS Trusts where they have been treated in the country . It asks about the quality of their care and what they might want as a form or forms of help .

The survey will be shared finally with the Care Quality Commission and other bodies - it will also be made publically available as an example of something that Users in the community created and ran .. As perhaps at least initially one of a kind, it will serve as a template and pathfinder for other surveys and it can be improved on and followed up in different ways .

Although we cannot report fully on the survey's findings we can say there are significant spikes and trends appearing in terms of reported quality of care across the UK .

The survey is still running and it was started on May 27th so it is not even 2 months old yet.

The survey can still be done CLICK HERE

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